I can cost a project by the board or by the hour/day.
Prices start from £40 per typical A-board panel.
Alternatively it may be prevalent to cost the project per day (£200 plus travel).

London off-peak +£20 per day
or 25miles – 50miles
London peak +£40 per day
or 50miles – 100miles

So much depends on the ‘prep’…
The more info I have prior to the project start, the more detailed sketches I can create and therefore offer a more productive day on-site.

Booking ChalkyAds
1. Let me know your postcode to check travel possibilities
2. Let me know the number of boards you require artworking
3. Please measure your boards (wxh)
4. Please email content (either electronic or written) detailing what’s going where!
5. I will then create detailed / scaled sketches for us to chat through / sign-off / price-up
6. I turn up on-site ready to spring into action!