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Hi I’m Adam (AKA: ChalkyAds),

If Adam could stop day-dreaming and doodling… he may well make something of his life

I cut my teeth in the pre-Mac days of London’s buzzing West End as a jobbing freelance graphic designer. Working in various studios I honed traditional skills in typography, artwork and illustration.

I’ve worked my way through the tech… the digitalisation of design & print in the late 80’s & 90’s and then, of course, the online media & web revolution of the 90’s & 00’s.

Now, I’m revisiting the passion and skills for hand-drawn typography and illustration that got me into this industry in the first place!

You’ll still find me in front of my MAC from time to time tweaking and messing about in photoshop, but my passion is out there… in the typography and artwork on the boards and walls of the pubs, clubs, cafés and eateries of the South East and beyond!


  • Hiya, I am looking for a swinging sign for the pub.Sarah Bramley from punch gave me your contact link I am looking for a sign, probably in metal with simple lettering with a heart on the base coat. Is this something you could help with? many thanks STEVE

  • Hi Adam
    You recently added the Real Patisserie logo to an A Board for their Western Road shop. I’m wondering if you could quote again for another A board with the same Real Patisserie logo at the top. I’ve looked at two sizes of A board at Nisbets, both called Olympia, one code GG108 50×85, the other GG109 70×1200.
    You can contact me at stickyfingers@realpatisserie with a quote. Please give me a call if I haven’t given you enough info.
    Many thanks
    Real Patisserie

  • Hi Adam

    I am after 4 real chalkboards (not painted chalk)
    Itf foe a space called the lodge
    please look it up
    sizes are
    1. Menu board to be hung above a display cabinet approx 2380mm Long X 600mm Drop – two holes 10 mm dia in each top corner
    2. Board behind Reception desk – 800mm long X 880mm Drop – Fixing Holes 10 mm dia in four corners
    3 OUTSIDE BOARD – 1600mm long X 1200mm Drop – ho;es 10mm dia in four corners.
    4. a board approx 650mm long by 800mm drop (need to measure) – No holes

    Is this something you can produce?if so what timing cost etc

    07809 701007

    • hi thanks for your enquiry…
      short answer is i can help / provide boards for this project…
      I’ll call you later to discuss in more detail

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