How I Work

Getting the best out of ChalkyAds: The more prep we do together prior to my visit, the more you'll get out of me on the day!

In an ideal world that will mean:

1. A count of the number of boards you require...

2. Accurate measurements / orientations of the boards...

3. Content for each board (digital or doodled) via email / whatsap...

Let's get doodling!... A five minute chat 'n' doodle is going to save a LOT of time in the long run.

I like to sketch up ideas (to scale) both to help you visualise / sign off the boards... and as a guide for me to work from on the day.


Mouse over to see the finished board!

"Really pleased with Adam's work ethic. Very quick but professional work at a good price and always excellent quality. Got me out of lockdown with some snazzy new signage" - Phil Sherrington, Rottingdean Lounge Bar

What I Offer

I create neat, well laid-out chalkboards... drawing upon 30years+ in the graphic design industry... laying out type and pictures is what I do!

All the usual suspects are covered from A-Boards, Menu Boards, P.O.S / Specials Boards to bespoke work on windows, mirrors and walls.

I always have a pot of Blackboard Paint to hand and can advise on best preparation of your boards.

I also work remotely and can build/supply your boards fully art-worked and deliver them via ParcelForce. (check out the boards section)


Mouse over to see the finished board!

Ready to find out more?

Email me: adam@chalkyads.co.uk or Message or Whatsapp me: 07878 040360 or Click the button


Case Study

Black Lion - Brighton

This was a great creative project providing a Bespoke Hand-built A-Board and individual replaceable panels.

We went with an Urban feel with a slightly 'graff' feel to the typography, with a unique brick wall background that really helped the designs 'POP'.

Here you can see some super-quick doodles aiding the design process with the client.

Mouse over each of the sketches below to see the finished boards!


Click our Gallery button to see more examples of my work at a larger scale.