Trad Signwriting

I've always held a fascination for Traditional Sign-Writing and I'm happy to say that it's enjoying something of a revival as businesses are beginning to favour a more Artisan approach over vinyl lettering.

As a chalkboard artist I actually tend to work with brush and Mahl Stick anyway, so I'm half way there!

But there is a difference!... Traditional Sign-Writing tends to be painted in enamels with 'specialist brushes' and as such, requires a different skill-set and materials to 'Chalkboard Art'. The finish is more polished and permanent compared to the transitory/temporary nature of Chalkboard art.


Adam understood my brief instantly. He suggested options and provided a service second to none, on time and to the highest quality. Really quite superb. Thank you! - Bill Faust (West Hill House)

What I Offer

I offer sign-writing in both Acrylics (simpler/quicker) and Enamels (more refined) and the choice between the two is really down to which technique lends itself to your specific project.


Typically used on messages on internal pub & restaurant walls / windows and mirrors. (i.e. Drinking “quotes” on pub walls)


Used externally on shop fronts/fascias, house names & numbers and signage on more challenging materials such as metals, stone and plastics.


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Case Study - 10 Montpelier Villas, Brighton

On a cold and frosty morning, I set to re-paint a very faint 'ghost sign' and also make a feature of an original stone surface on this listed period property. Painted in 'One-shot' black enamel.

An example of progression of work


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