Trad Signwriting

How I Work

I've always held a fascination for Traditional Sign-Writing and I'm happy to say that it's enjoying something of a revival as businesses are beginning to favour a more Artisan approach over vinyl lettering.

As a chalkboard artist I actually tend to work with brush and Mahl Stick anyway, so I'm half way there!

But there is a difference!... Traditional Sign-Writing tends to be painted in enamels with 'posh brushes' and as such, requires a different skill-set and materials to 'Chalkboard Art'. The finish is more polished and permanent compared to the transitory/temporary nature of Chalkboards.


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Adam understood my brief instantly. He suggested options and provided a service second to none, on time and to the highest quality. Really quite superb. Thank you! - Bill Faust (West Hill House)

What I Offer

I offer sign-writing in both Acrylics (simpler/quicker) and Enamels (more refined) and the choice between the two is really down to which technique lends itself to your specific project.

Typically Acrylics would be used on messages on internal pub & restaurant walls / windows and mirrors. (i.e. Drinking “quotes” on pub walls) Enamels would be used externally on shop fronts/fascias, house names & numbers and signage on more challenging materials such as metals, stone and plastics.


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Ready to find out more?

Email me: adam@chalkyads.co.uk or Message or Whatsapp me: 07878 040360 or Click the button


Case Study - 10 Montpelier Villas, Brighton

On a cold and frosty morning, I set to re-paint a very faint 'ghost sign' and also make a feature of an original stone surface on this listed period property. Painted in 'One-shot' black enamel.

An example of progression of work


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